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Nilo in the center of a room surrounded by an audience. She's in the middle of dancing, in a seated position with her hands angled in a pose.


Dancer | Poet | Artivist

Nilo Zamiri is a dancer and spoken word-poet who believes in the power of art to create social change. From having performed at the Pustervik theater in Sweden, to the Berlin lacht! festival in Germany, to Xochitla park in Mexico, and projects all over the Bay Area, USA, Nilo's love for the way art connects people with one another is undeniable.


Through an event production summer program in 2010 with one of Europe's leading music festivals, Way Out West, she co-created several art installations aligned with the festival's environmentally conscious profile, including a miniature melting iceberg to represent the melting of glaciers.

After moving to the Bay Area in 2011, Nilo found herself deeply involved in the art and practice of Popping, the dance style she had recently found her home in, and has since delved into its foundations and history. She has had the opportunity to learn from pioneers from San Jose, San Francisco & Oakland, as well as other world-renowned poppers.


In 2022, she was chosen by the Hip Hop cultural diplomacy program Next Level, to travel to and teach dance in Ecuador as an Artist-Educator and build community with the local Hip Hop heads.


Nilo's personal dance style draws much inspiration from her Iranian roots and background in Swedish multicultural migrant neighborhoods, with deep care for the history of the Black American communities the dance originates from.


For a great resource on Popping history (also known as "Boogaloo"), check out the documentary series "Boogaloo: The The Greatest Story Never Told" here.

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