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نیلو زمیری

Nilo poses in front of a mural in Clarion Alley in San Francisco. The mural depics three Iranian women poets and writers.
Nilo speaking on a mic at an ethnic studies rally at SFSU. Someone in the background is holding a protest sign.
Nilo stands in a classroom holding a workshop. Behind her is a screen that is showing a Google slide that reads "Storytellin in Hip Hop"
Bird-perspective shot of Nilo outside. She's shown from the waist up wearing a black Kangol bucket hat, hoop earrings, and a white t-shirt depicting the Hip Hop group Gangstarr.
Close-up of Nilo's face as she holds up a glass of hot tea and is about to take a sip. She's outside, and the sun is setting behind her.

Nilo Zamiri is a passionate artivist,

cultural project manager,

street dancer in the style of Popping,

and a Hip Hop educator and speaker.

Of Iranian descent, Nilo was raised in primarily working class immigrant communities of Gothenburg, Sweden, and spent 10 years living in the Bay Area in Northern California. Her diverse migrant background has given her the opportunity to hear and learn from stories from all over the world, informing her artistry and drive for social change. She's passionate about migrant & racial justice, anti-imperialism, youth & womxn empowerment, and solidarity building.

Nilo is also the founder of Boom Bap Ave, a passion project focused on social justice & Hip Hop culture through events, media, and education.

She is currently based back in her hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden,

as of August 2021.

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